The odds of winning the lottery are absolutely ridiculous. If you play a 6/49 lottery game for example, the chance of winning the jackpot is about 1 in 14 Million. This is roughly the same probability as flipping a coin and getting heads 23 times in a row. So forget the Jackpot and set your sights on small to medium sized wins. This is where Smart Play Lotto Wheels do their work. Playing a single ticket without a lottery wheel yields about a 1 in 55 chance to win a 3 number prize, 1 in 1000 chance to win a 4 number prize and a significantly lower, 1 in 55 000 chance of winning a 5 number prize. 

 With Smart Play Lotto Wheels, these huge denominators are diminished and your odds to win DRAMATICALLY INCREASE! Players who purchase quick pick tickets are at a huge disadvantage in winning the lottery. It's a shot in the dark to win with a quick pick and the lottery foundations know this. With a smart, effective lottery wheel, you increase your odds to win substantially.  

By splitting into 3 categories, you can choose the most practical lottery wheel for your numbers, your playing style and your budget on that given day. These wheels are mathematically and scientifically proven to give you the most efficient and effective coverage of your chosen numbers and work for ALL Pick 6 and Pick 5 lottery games worldwide (Very Easy To Use Wheels). The following lotto wheel categories are:

 Our lottery wheels work exceptionally well and have been Tested and Proven. Our wheels very easy to use and understand without compromising mathematical effectiveness! The BIG difference between our wheels and the competition is that every Budget, Conservative and Max play wheel you get, has actually WON MONEY..


 It's a common misconception that when using a lottery wheel, there is a serious commitment level. Unlike a lottery system, a lottery wheel can be used any time you want. Although some lotto wheels can make playing the lottery expensive and you'll have to budget carefully. This is where Smart Play comes in. We specialize in Pick 6 & Pick 5 Lottery Games and our wheels are Tested and Proven to win you money.

 The most effective lottery wheel doesn't have to be the most complicated one, nor does it have to cover hundreds of combinations (costing you big money). Smart Play Lotto Wheels are exactly that, SMART. They save you money on every lottery draw while still giving you incredible odds to win.

 Although No lottery wheel can ever guarantee you'll win the jackpot, we can assure you'll see much better results. While our Smart Play Lotto Wheels do certainly increase your odds to win the top prize, their specialty is their uncanny ability to expand your winning zone.



 The red zone is where you can expect to start winning. You'll be turning up empty far less often and cashing in medium sized wins far more frequently. Don't be discouraged by this! Winning a couple hundred bucks per week is great. If you're reading other lottery system sales pages that advertise a bunch of jackpot winning tickets, "DON'T BE FOOLED". You need extreme financial commitment to have any serious shot at the Jackpot. Smart Play Lotto Wheels help increase your wins WITHOUT you having to commit long term. Our wheels are in "Basic Format" and are very easy for all to use.                                        


After your one time low purchase price of $21.95  you will receive your link and login details to the same e-mail address used to purchase with, with-in 24 hrs as we do this manually so no problems. We do not guarantee wins in anyway, product is only to help assist you to win easier, which is why we have a no refund policy (Make sure to turn off spam blockers & check your junk email also as it may go there in some cases) 



System Smart Play Lotto Wheels Competition
CoversALL Pick 5 & 6 Lotteries WORLDWIDEVaries
Price$21.95$39.95 +
Success RateGoodPoor
What You Get15 wheelsUsually only 1-2 wheels
Additional CostsNone, just cost of buying your lottery ticketsNone, just lottery ticket cost
Level of DifficultyVery easy, takes minutes to understandSometimes very difficult, taking hours, even days to understand
Per-game timeDepending on wheel chosen, 5 - 30 minAnywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours or more
Availability24/7 Via PRIVATE MEMBERS WEBSITEVaries among sellers, usually PDF or recieve E-Book

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